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The Music

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The Music

This is a chronological listing of the top 50 Bebop albums of all time.
The albums span several decades and represent various musicians within the genre.

1Coleman HawkinsRainbow MistFeb. 16, 1944Delmark
2Charles ThompsonTakin' OffSept. 4, 1945Delmark
3Dizzy GillespieGroovin' HighFeb. 28, 1945-46MusicCraft
5Dexter GordonDexter Rides AgainOct. 30, 1945-47Savoy
4Charlie ParkerThe Savoy MastersNov. 26, 1945-48Savoy
6Dizzy GillespieDizzier & DizzierFeb. 22, 1946-49RCA
7Charlie ParkerThe Dial MastersFeb. 5, 1946-47Dial
8Fats NavarroNostalgiaDec. 18, 1946-47Jazz Note
9J.J. JohnsonJazz QuintetsJune 26, 1946-49Savoy
10Serge ChaloffMemorialSep. 21, 1946-49Dial
11Kenny ClarkeThe Swing Masters1946-1950Swing Records
12Dexter GordonThe ChaseJune 5, 1947Dial
13Thelonious MonkGenius of Modern JazzOct. 15, 1947Blue Note
14Art BlakeyNew SoundsDec. 27, 1947Blue Note
15Fats NavarroThe Squirrel1947-1948Blue Note
16Howard McGheeMaggie: Savoy SessionsFebruary 1948Savoy
17Milt JacksonMilt Jackson QuintetJuly 2, 1948-52Blue Note
18James MoodyModern SoundsOct. 19, 1948Blue Note
19Wardell GrayMemorial Vol. 1Nov. 11, 1949Prestige
20Sonny StittStitt/Powell/JohnsonOct. 17, 1949-50Prestige
21Bud PowellAmazing Bud PowellAug. 8, 1949-51Blue Note
22Charlie ParkerThe Verve MastersMay 5, 1949-53Verve
23Sonny StittKaldeidoscopeFeb. 17, 1950-52Prestige
24Stan GetzRoost Quartets/QuintetsMay 17, 1951-52Royal Roost
25Horace SilverHorace Silver TrioOct. 9, 1952-53Blue Note
26Lou DonaldsonNew SoundsJune 20, 1952-54Blue Note
27Max RoachQuartet/SeptetApr. 10, 1953Debut
28Charlie ParkerJazz at Massey HallMay 15, 1953Debut
29Clifford BrownMemorial AlbumJune 9, 1953-54Blue Note
30Elmo HopeElmo Hope TrioJune 18, 1953Blue Note
31Buddy DefrancoGone With WindApr. 7, 1954Verve
32Tal FarlowTal Farlow QuartetApr. 11, 1954Blue Note
33Serge ChaloffBlue SergeMar. 4, 1956Capitol
34Cecil PaynePatterns Of JazzMay 19, 1956Savoy
35Hank MobleyMobley's MessagesJuly 20, 1956Prestige
36Red RodneyFirey Red RodneyJan. 13, 1957Savoy
37Johnny GriffinA Blowing SessionApril 6, 1957Blue Note
38Phil WoodsSuganJuly 19, 1957Prestige
39Phil WoodsBird's NightAug. 12, 1957Savoy
40Lee MorganThe CookerSept. 29, 1957Blue Note
41Sonny ClarkSonny Clark TrioNov. 13, 1957Blue Note
42Dizzy GillespieSonny Side UpDec 11, 1957Verve
43Sonny StittWith Oscar PetersonOct. 10, 1957-59Verve
44Cannonball AdderleyCannonball's SharpshootersMar. 4, 1958EmArcy
45Sonny CrissAt The CrossroadsMar. 1, 1959Peackock
46Cecil PayneCharlie Parker Music1961C. Parker
47Charles McPhersonBebop RevisitedNov. 20, 1964Prestige
48Sonny StittThe ChampApril 18, 1973Muse
49Frank MorganYardbird SuiteJan. 10, 1988Contemporary
50Christopher HollydayChristopher HollydayJan. 25, 1989Novus


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