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The Kenny Dorham Discography:

Articles & Interviews

"Kenny Dorham's Three Careers."
(Downbeat -- February, 1959.)

"Durable Dorham." G. Freehan
(Downbeat -- December, 1962.)

"Kenny Dorham: Soloist Extrodinary." M. James
(Jazz & Blues -- September, 1972.)

"Farewell Kenny Dorham." M. Gardmer
(Jazz Journal -- March, 1973.)

The Kenny Dorham Discography, by B. Raftegard
(Karlstad, Sweden, 1982.)

"Kenny Dorham: Blues In Bebop." Mark Keresman
(The Jazz Review, 1999)

Kenny Dorham 75th Birthday Celebration Week
at The Jazz Standard, August 24--August 29, 1999

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