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These are the best jazz sites on the internet. From record labels and music
catalogs, to online magazines and jazz clubs, it's the best of Hard Bop.

Hard Bop : Jazz and Black Music 1955-1965

Hard Bop David H. Rosenthal
Hard Bop : Jazz and Black Music 1955-1965 -- Oxford University Press

This is the most important work in the study of hard bop as a specific genre and the basis for much of the research done on this site. It is a highly readable and informative work. The late Mr. Rosenthal brought not only his knowledge of the music but his love of jazz to this book and it shows. For anyone interested in knowing more about this subject, this is a must read.

Jazz Books:

Jazz History:

Thus far, only two sites on the history of jazz have been found that merit close attention. The focus here is on specific styles/genres/eras of jazz, and both of these web sites are outstanding.

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