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Articles & Interviews

"Even Mynheers Turn To Silver." (Downbeat -- November, 1956.)

"The Rumors and the Facts." (Downbeat -- July, 1960.)

"Inside The Horace Silver Quintet." (Downbeat -- June, 1963.)

"That Durable Silver Standard." (Downbeat -- December, 1965.)

"Horace Silver." (Jazz Beat -- October, 1966.)

The Jazz Tradition, by Martin Williams. (New York, 1970.)

"Horace Silver's United States Of Mind." (Downbeat -- April, 1971.)

"Horace Silver." (Jazz & Blues -- November, 1972.)

"In Pursuit: Horace Silver." (Downbeat -- September, 1973.)

"Horace Silver: Father Of Funk." (Contemporary Keyboard -- January, 1976.)

"Horace Silver Discography." (Radio Free Jazz -- March 21, 1977.)

"Michael Ullman On Jazz: Horace Silver." (The New Republic -- July 8 & 15, 1978.)

"Piano Giants Of Jazz: Horace Silver." (Contemporary Keyboard -- September, 1979.)

"Horace Silver's Blue Note Swan Song." (Downbeat -- November, 1980.)

"On Horace Silver: Take A Deeper Look." (Jazz Spotlite News -- January, 1980.)

Jazz Lives: Portraits In Words And Pictures, by Michael Ullman. (Washington, 1980.)

The Great Jazz Pianists, by Len Lyons. (New York: DaCapo Press, 1983.)

Blue Note: The Album Cover Art, forward by Horace Silver. (Chronicle Books, 1991.)

Talking Jazz: An Oral History, by Ben Sidran. (New York: DaCapo Press, 1992.)

"It's Got To Be . . . Horace Silver" (JazzTimes -- September 1993.)

"Silver On The Mend" (Downbeat -- December 1993.)

"Got That Healin' Feelin'" (Downbeat -- September 1994.)

"25 Who Mattered Most: Horace Silver" (JazzTimes -- September 1995.)

"The Hardbop Grandpop" (Strictly Jazz -- July 1996.)

"Hall Of Fame: Horace Silver" (Downbeat -- December 1996.)

The Art Of Small Jazz Combo Playing, by Horace Silver.

Invaluable text outlining the "art" of combo playing from master leader, player, and composer, Horace Silver. Includes sections on jazz philosophy, group and solo playing, composing and arranging, the music business, and 7 of Horace's combo arrangements.

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