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The Horace Silver Discography:

Blue Note
The Album Cover Art
Edited by Graham Marsh, Chronicle Books, 1991.


"Blue Note records were very mediculous in every aspect of their production: they used the best vinyl, they paid for rehearsals and when I asked to be on the other parts of my album Alfred Lion (the label's founder) gave me every opportunity. A lot of musicians in those days worked very hard to make good music and once the music was done, they let Alfred Lion go with the rest of it. One day I went to Alfred and said, 'I want to sit down with you and look at the picures you want to use and pick them together and check the sleeve notes before you print them.' He agreed to that, and so I had input over a lot of things the other guys didn't bother with. I learnt a lot from that, and what I learnt about making a record I learnt from Alfred Lion.

I don't have a favorite cover of mine . . . but thinking back now you know, I kinda like the Tokyo Blues cover!"

(Blue Note Recording Star 1952-1979)
Silveto Productions/Emerald Records 1990

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